You are not alone.

If you have been feeling alone in Northeast Tarrant County because everyone you know has a Trump sign in the yard or anti-Obama stickers, welcome.

If you have been afraid to speak up about things that you believe should be changed, we want to hear what you have to say.

If you are ready to connect with like-minded people to make the change you seek, you’re in the right place.

Did you know?

Did you know?

Many of our members were surprised to find out that

  • We have 180,000-203,000 non-voting Democrats in Tarrant County
  • We lost Tarrant County by 57,500 in 2016
  • We have over 3 times as many Democrats as we need to win Tarrant county!


  • We need you to help find candidates to run for office
  • We need you to help register voters (it’s free and easy)
  • AND we need you to VOTE!

Voting Info

Your Vote is Your Voice. Use it!

General Election
November 6, 2018

Early Voting: October 22 – November 2, 2018

Take Action

You are needed to help build the community of democrats in our neighborhood. To get started:

  1. Make sure you are registered to vote. You can do that here. (Make sure you note your Precinct Number – you need it for Step 2)
  2. Contact your Precinct Chair to see how you can help. You can do that here.
  3. Find out who represents you. You can do that here.


Ready to get involved? Pick any or all of the ideas below to get started!

Contact any of these groups to get involved:

  • Meet your Democrat neighbors (and participate in discussion groups)
  • Contact voters by email, phone, social media, text, or postal mail
  • Block walk: Knock on doors
  • Update phone and email information in our database
  • Assist with events